RE: “Getting to Know You…” Post

Some of you have yet to introduce yourselves on this POST

Now before I embarrass you all, and make a list of all the “non-commenters”, get busy and introduce yourself!

Even YOU Mom and Dad!!!!


10 thoughts on “RE: “Getting to Know You…” Post

  1. Okay…here I am.

    I am Tara, Trac’s younger sister

    If I can’t be with you, I will follow your blog. I love that you are half way across the country (well I don’t love that), but I love that we can still stay connected and up on what is happening in your lives. Still miss you though!

    And I know I better comment, because I never do. I would just rather call you. So yes folks, she does have a family back in PA that is addicted to The Loux Family Blog.

    Anything else you need to know about me?

    Ah yea….I love my sis, and so blessed to have her as a mentor, friend, and sister.

  2. I commented yesterday finally after realizing that I did indeed actually have to come to your blog to read it after it became “protected” and that the posts wouldn’t come to my RSS feed reader. đŸ˜› So, I had a lot of catching up to do! Aiden is such a sweetheart! I can’t wait to see as well who else the Lord has handpicked for your family. Reading about the anguish and love that’s been growing in your hearts and the turmoil of this lengthy process has been very eye-opening to what the Father feels towards us. Thanks for sharing so openly! Blessings, Jacquie from Canada.

  3. I’m Tracie’s dad. I love her mother who I met in October, 1961. We dated all through college, fell madly in Love and got married in 1965. (44 great years [actually 48]) Tracie is our oldest child. You just met Tara, above, and the youngest in the family is Joe. I, we, but I am going to have mom write separately, have 6 wonderful grandchildren, and as you faithful readers know, we are about to add two more beautiful grandchildren to our clan. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I just love the spirit of adoption that has nested in the Loux’s home.

    We live in north central Pennsylvania where I am the headmaster of New Covenant Academy, a wonderful Christian school. I love to hunt and spend time with others, especially my family. I don’t like to be alone. Its no fun.

    I keep track of the Kansas city crew through this blog, the telephone, and by far too few visit.

    I must end here, but I love my family, and I am sure I could write a book about how much each one means to me.

    Love, Dad

    p.s If you don’t want to call me dad, my name is Terry Mickey.

  4. 1. Tell us who you are – Jamie Faust

    2. Tell us how you know us – I used to teach with Tracie when the Loux’s lived in PA

    3. Tell us where you live (if you want, not mandatory) – Mansfield, PA

    4. Tell us why you follow this blog – I enjoy hearing what you are doing. I was very sad when Tracie left! And seeing the process of adoption is very interesting. You have a beautiful family (and is about to become even more beautiful)!

  5. I’m Jen-live on a farm in Kansas.

    I met Tracie through blogging and once in person!

    I am an adopted child and adoptive mother to 6 and birthmother to 1. I have 7 total.

    I am AMAZED at both Loux families and CANNOT wait to meet all the new little ones one day!

    I myself would like to adopt 2 more kids some day-maybe through foster care-maybe from Ethiopia.

    Love ALL you ALL LOUX’S and all your relation!

  6. I’m Sarah. I know Tracie from working with her at the CEC. I now live in St. Louis. I follow this blog because it’s good for my heart (It builds my faith.) And I think Tracie is one amazing woman of God.

  7. 1. Tell us who you are – Elisa, intercessory missionary and “domestic engineer” as my mother-in-law would say.

    2. Tell us how you know us – we did Intro to IHOP together, however, mostly just a ‘random’ follower of the blog

    3. Tell us where you live – Grandview, MO; originally central Minnesota

    4. Tell us why you follow this blog – It’s just excellent. You know, you laugh, you cry.

    Bless you and may God give the grace for two new babies!

  8. Hi!! I’m Tracie’s mom. I’m married to a man of deep spiritual conviction. He is a strong leader with a very gentle spirit!! He is, also, Tracie’s father and the father of our, other, two children. I am devoted to our wonderful family!!!
    I live in Wellsboro, Pa. which is the county seat. Wellsboro is a very historic town nestled in the mountains of north central Pa. It’s a great place to live and a wonderful place to visit!

    I teach first grade at a Christian school which is about 12 mi. from our home. My husband, Terry, is the headmaster at the same school where I teach. We have been involved with the school for about 30 years.

    Tracie’s blog is a great way for us to keep connected. It has, also been a faith builder, for me, as I have followed the adoption story and have seen God work in such miraculous ways!! I sign my comments “Mom”, or “Memaw” My name is Carol.

  9. 1. I am Anna Sorge, wife to Joel Sorge, mother of three amazingly wonderful children.
    2. I know you from being at IHOP together. Although I have to say that I first noticed you Tracie by your way cool hair. I was instantly captivated by your beauty!!!
    3. I live here in KC
    4. I follow your blog because you are just wonderful, clever, smart, talented, Godly, fun, witty, humble, sincere, authentic and absolutely gorgeous! I love your heart for adoption and your willingness to lay your own life down for Christ. Thank you for all you do! It’s an honor to be your friend. I am praying for you and your family!!!

  10. 1. I am Debbie (Deb) shaw

    2. I knew you guys when you lived in Mansfield, PA and we met at church, where I fell in love with your little adorable daughter…Isabelle. I always wanted to hold her…she brought much joy in to my life then..I can only imagine the joy she is bringing in to people’s lives at IHOP. Wish I could come get my hands on those new little ones who will soon by joining your family.

    3. I am originally from Chambersburg PA, and Wellsboro, PA, but am presently living in Tokyo Japan serving as a Missionary Associate. This is my second time to come to Japan. When I was here before I served in a very rural area, unlike Tokyo, and I was there for 18 months. I plan to be in Tokyo for the next 2 years.

    4. I was excited to finally be able to connect with you guys after several years. You are an awesome family. Following this blog has been exciting for me. I have been awed and encouraged to see how the Lord has been intervening in your behalf. I love kids, and of course love kids from other countries(that’s one reason I am here in Japan). I wonder how many I can take home with me when I go back to the states? Or better yet, maybe I should just stay here and live among them. I am excited to be able to keep up on the details of your trip and the family back home. Nick you are doing an awesome job keeping us updated. Luv you guys and may The Lord richly bless you all.

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