This Is the Last Time Our Family Portrait Will Look Like This


Nicholas, Taylor, Momma, Elia, Daddy, and Isabelle


Aiden and “Little Loux #6” HERE WE COME!

We fly out Sunday morning!

(photo courtesy of Aaron James, Thanks Aaron! and Thank you to the Lovely Jennifer James for making us dinner last night)


8 thoughts on “This Is the Last Time Our Family Portrait Will Look Like This

  1. I CANT WAIT to see the other angel God provides AND the New family pic!


  2. I guess for the next photo you’ll need to find a bigger sofa, too!

    We’re praying for Little Loux #6. The one with the big, shiny arrow of God flashing above their head! Yea for the plan of God!

  3. A) You are Welcome MOOCHLY for dinner. I love your faces.
    B) Can’t wait to see the other two Loux kids in the picture
    C) You’re photographer is fantastic and people should hire him instantly to do all sort of picture related things. (he’s cute too.)

  4. Praying for you all and thrilled to see how God is working in your family!!!!!!! You are amazing and his love shines from you all~

  5. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Rich in love! Can’t wait until your back and posing for the next family pic!

  6. What a great picture! WOW. Isabelle looks SO young! Wow. I’m really enjoying reading all of this (and neglecting other work but this is awesome!!!).

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