Our Chicken Pox Boy


Here’s our boy at the going away party for Silas, Ethan, and Sasha! The marker is some kind of funky medicated marker that they put on all the pox! I’ll post more tomorrow, this will have to hold you all over for now.

We had an amazing dinner tonight as a family to welcome our nephews home and celebrate Isabelle’s birthday!  It was quite a houseful. Pics of that coming soon too!

8 thoughts on “Our Chicken Pox Boy

  1. I was told it’s iodine when they used it at our orphanage- weird isn’t it? He’s a cutie regardless!

  2. Tracie,
    He is sooooooo cute!!!! I can’t get over it! He is going to fit right into your family of beauties! Praise the Lord!!!! He is so good to you guys!

  3. So precious! Even with the spots. :o)
    What a sweet boy you have! Praise God! Doesn’t it just set your heart ablaze getting pictures??? I’m almost afraid of what might happen when I see Matthew in real life.

  4. Wow! It’s like 6 days, ugh the excitment for me cannot compare to your family! But I am excited for you all to not only rescue Aiden but the mystery Loux lovie too! Please keep us posted ASAP when you know that little ones name too so we can be praying by name! It will be exciting to see who the Lord has chosen to be your 6 th child! And how awesome for Aiden to have a familar face with all the new ones!

  5. Oh yeah and I had the pleasure of interrupting Pastor Ruth as she was announcing your prayer request for #6 to be able to say the $$$ were in the mail and the balance of donations was for your much needed new vehicle!!

  6. HA HA. Ava had those dots all over her face the first day we met her too. It was a little freaky. But hey, he won’t have to have the chicken pox vaccine!

  7. Oh Geez! Poor little guy! Elijah had the chicken pox last summer, I wonder if he was all full of green spots too?:)

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