Happy Birthday Isabelle


Yesterday was my beautiful girl’s birthday.  What can I say about an 11 year old girl that is over the top excited that ON HER BIRTHDAY, her 3 new cousins were coming HOME. She never once even hinted at being bothered that her birthday might be overshadowed by this amazing homecoming. In fact, she reveled in it.

When she realized that she was actually born at the same time of day that the boys were scheduled to land in Kansas City, she said, “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!” She notes the highlights of her day were finding out that we could adopt a 2nd child and getting to meet her new cousins at the airport.

And of course, we celebrated! We started the day out with a trip to the “spa” to get the precious girl a pedicure and a manicure! She got an incredibly great gift with the help of the entire family pitching in (I’ll let her share), and we did take her out for pizza at her favorite pizza place, California Pizza, and then to Starbucks before heading to the airport.


Isabelle waiting for her “birthday gift” of three precious boys!


Isabelle with her cousin, Silas!

Isabelle is fiery and passionate about everything she does. Her heart is about to explode wide open with passion to see orphans find their way HOME. She dreams it, she prays it, she lives it. I look at her and my heart is so full. I can only imagine the pleasure the Father has for her!  I am certain He takes great delight in her!


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Isabelle

  1. Happy Birthday Isabelle – you are such an awesome young lady. Your fiery passion for God and your tender heart for orphans, animals, EVERYONE is inspiring to the core. I wish I could be there for your birthday – much love to you! ~ Shelley

  2. Can’t wait to be with you. We will celebrate some more when we see you. Happy Birthday, you are such a beautiful young lady. Aunt Tara

  3. Isabelle,
    I know you do not know me..but I remember you very well. I would beg for you to sit me with at church in Mansfield…of course, you were just a tiny baby. I have a glamour picture of you in one of my books that I have used as a book marker all these years. I am amazed as I see pictures of you…you have only gotten prettier than you were when I knew you. I pray the Lord’s richest blessing upon you. I can’t wait to hear about your mom and dad’s trip to pick up the rest of your family. I will be praying for them.

    Debbie Shaw

  4. I was practically sobbing as I read this! How beautiful and how precious! And do I see Isabelle looking a bit like your mom? I never saw that before! Oh it surely is amazing to see what the Lord is and will do through your precious children!

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