“The Check’s in the Mail”

I’ve said these words to bill collectors before. But today these words were the sweetest sound to my ears!

Today we received an email with those exact words in regards to “Little Loux #6”

“THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL!” It’s a done deal.


Any money that comes in excess of what is needed for the fees is the last post will be put towards bed and clothing for “Little Loux #6” or into a “Vehicle Fund”!


9 thoughts on ““The Check’s in the Mail”

  1. Wow!!!! I’m shocked….and yet I’m not. lol God is amazing, and your hearts are amazing!!!♥ I am so excited to see what other little treasure the Lord has picked out for you! I can just imagine Him so excited to know the amazing surprise blessing He has waiting for you in Ukraine and for the suprise blessings He is bringing to another child! Can’t you just imagine Him so ‘giddy’ over this?! Wow! Love you guys! 🙂

  2. Oh.. wow. God, You are soooo good!!!! THANK YOU!! I read the post about possible (now definate) child number #6… and just from the title, I was like, “wait a minute. how many kids do they have?? okay… i know there are the older three and Elia and Aiden…” my math has always been horrible so i counted those several times just to make sure your title meant what it meant – what a dork. i could’ve just read the thing a little quicker!

    My heart was completely breaking because we litterally don’t have anything to give. I have been praying, but to be forced to do nothing but that.. was.. hard.

    THANK YOU, Father for rescuing one more!!

  3. Our God is an awesome God! And HE will give you the ability to care forNick, Taylor, Isabell & esp Elia, Aiden & #6! I know the love is not the issue, I believe the Lord providing in such a quick way is to tell you that you already did the hard part, you said Yes! I believe their will be a supernatural grace! I will be praying, oh I can’t wait to hear & see who #6 is!

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