John and Trac Plus Five (or Six)

It’s hard to believe, but we leave for Ukraine in 8 days to get our precious boy! As of today, we have everything that is needed to bring our son home.  The Lord has miraculously provided all that has been needed financially, and we are so grateful. We are thankful to each of you who has sown into this precious life through your prayers and through your giving. Your investment has eternal reward!

During this entire process we have prayed about whether we are to bring home a SECOND child from the orphanage. We have gone back and forth on this and to be honest the “human reasoning” of why this might be too hard really started to speak a bit too loudly.  From the very beginning, when we said yes to Aiden, we decided to get approved for 2 “just in case.”  We had been advised that practically speaking, it is simply easier to get prepared for 2 early on, even if we decided just to bring Aiden home.

So here’s the bottom line:

1. We are approved to bring home 2 children.

2. We have told the Lord we would bring home a 2nd child if He would bring the finances forth.

3. None of our reasons for not bringing a 2nd child home line up with the fact that if we don’t, there will be one more child out there that remains an orphan.

4. Our bed is now big enough (see JOHN’s POST)

We present our situation before you and ask you to join with us in prayer.

Because so much of the financial cost to our adoption has been covered, and many of the costs would not be duplicated for a 2nd adoption, this is what we need:
1. $2000 for the facilitator in Ukraine (needed before we leave Feb 1st)
2. $1180 for visa, passport, and medical release for the 2nd child.
3. $500 one way ticket for the child.
4. $1000 return ticket for John to help me bring TWO children home (I’m not wonder woman after all!)
THAT’S A TOTAL OF $4, 680 for a 2nd adoption.

AND PRAYER FOR A LARGER VEHICLE ASAP!!! A family of 8 doesn’t fit in a 7 passenger van!

If we receive the initial $3,180 needed for fees in Ukraine before Feb 1st, we will move forward trusting for the airfare by mid to late February when those funds are needed.

We lay it before the Lord, with willing hearts and trust that He will do what is perfect and right for our family! Please pray for us.

We love you all and are so honored to have you share in this journey,

John and Tracie Loux and family

If you are compelled to give and do not need a tax deduction, you may donate through the paypal button to the right or mail checks to:
John and Tracie Loux
12312 Askew Street
Grandview, MO 64030

For tax deductible giving:
Checks can be made payable to “TEKOA 211 Ministries”, and can be mailed to our home.


5 thoughts on “John and Trac Plus Five (or Six)

  1. Tracie, this is real confirmation in my spirit! I have been thinking lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided on a second child! I awoke today thinking and praying for of all you Louxes as I know Derek & Renee are returning with their boys today! I just couldn’t imagine you being able to just bring one home. I am not trying to say thus says the Lord or anything but just as I expected to hear about a 2nd adoption after Elia shortly before you annonced it, I really expected this! I will be praying the Lord directs!

  2. God is ABLE to do all this. He can bring the money and He can bring the vehicle! God, may it be done in Your Name.

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