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“Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You”

Here’s the deal, there are so many of you following this little journey of ours, and many of you are new friends through Reece’s Rainbow or just “adoption friends. And some of you have really funny user names so when and if you ever leave a comment, I won’t know who you are!

Just for fun and to make ME really, really happy in these last 10 days before we leave, I would love for ALL OF YOU (even those of you that are family) to introduce yourselves so everyone can see who all has been supporting us and praying for us these past 5 months! I expect A LOT OF COMMENTS HERE GANG!

I have pictures coming of Aiden from the going away party coming in a few days, so if you want to see them:

1. Tell us who you are

2. Tell us how you know us

3. Tell us where you live (if you want, not mandatory)

4. Tell us why you follow this blog


35 thoughts on ““Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You”

  1. 1. I’m Dorean Beattie, mom of two IHOPpers, Amanda and Adam.
    2. I started following this blog after noticing your comments on Jennifer James’ blog (who works with Amanda). I was hooked immediately, as I love all things “baby” and have a heart for adoption.
    3. I live (with my amazing husband of 25 years, Brian) outside of Philadelphia. We moved here about a year and a half ago, and are still searching for a church. What fun…
    4. I follow this blog because my heart is moved by adoption. It is an amazing blessing to see little ones being redeemed from the pit of abandonment. In an odd way, there is healing for a broken place in my heart from an unfulfilled desire to adopt as I get to watch (and hopefully help out now and then) these little ones rescued.

    Thanks for letting me come along for the ride!

  2. 1. Chris & Mary Malone
    2. We “know” John & Tracie electronically only (so far). We met because we are all adopting from the same orphanage in Ukraine and our paperwork was submitted at the same time…so we’ve been at the same place in our process for a couple of months now.
    3. We live in a suburb of Oklahoma City (Moore).
    4. We follow this blog to see the amazing things that God has done in the Loux family and with great anticipation of what He will do. Our trips will overlap so we’ll all get to meet finally. Funny…we live 3 hours apart and will travel about 25 hours before we meet. 🙂

  3. 1. I am Jennifer James, mother, wife, and all around good egg. (Modest too!)
    2. I know John and Tracie because we read each others blogs, and became friends! John and Trace are our family away from family (both me and my husband come from far away, and have no family here) and we love them and their kids. Plus, Tracie is the big sister I never had, and just really darn important to me.
    3. I live on Wornall, right after the nice houses, and before the freeway, in what used to be a big apartment, but is slowly shrinking as it is being taken over by baby stuff.
    4. I follow this blog because John and Tracie don’t have room for me to live at their house, and stalking them in real life is creepy and uses too much gasoline. No seriously, because I need to keep updated on big sis’s life, and reading let’s me fill in the gaps between phone conversations.

  4. 1. Ann-Marie High. Have been a virtual IHOP-per for at least the last 4-5 yrs. Visit as often as I can. And am involved in a house of prayer in my city. LOVE IT!

    2. Don’t remember exactly how I found Tracie’s blog, but have been following it for abt 1.5 yrs or so. Have never met John or Tracie but would love to someday.

    3. I follow this blog because I have a huge heart for adoption, and would love to adopt myself someday! I have a little sister who is adopted (I’m in my 30s and she’s 7). And, as a counselor, I’ve worked with kids in the foster care system…and those hospitalized with histories of bouncing from foster home to foster home, and from residential facility to residential facility. All of this has added to my desire to answer the cry of these kids who need loving, stable homes, to support the growing adoption movement and fight the evil of abortion, and to follow Jesus’ command to love and care for the orphan.

  5. 1. I am Rachel Meier

    2. I know John and Tracie first through Dereck and Renee, then as fellow IHOPers, and as an amazing couple (with great hair) with an amazing family

    3. I follow this blog because I LOVE and BELIEVE in everything you are pouring your life out for. Reading your blog is a great encouragement and blessing to me! Love you!

  6. 1. I’m Tonya Lafayette

    2. I first met Tracie through CEC and later got to know her a little more by asking for help in our own adoption journey.

    3. We live in KC near IHOP.

    4. I follow this blog because it has been a great source of joy and encouragement over the past months. I have a heart for adoption and family, too. I have faced many things just reading testimonies, praying for and following this wonderful, godly family.

  7. Just for fun!

    I am Telma (no last name needed).

    I know John and Tracie cause we’re FAMILY!!!

    I live here in KC… Love you

  8. Brenda Wilson

    I’ve known Tracie for many many years. Her mom was my second grade teacher. Tracie made a memorial picture for us when my sister died. I used to babysit her kids once in a while.

    Mansfield, PA area

    I’ve been following for a while. Watching the kids grow up. Seeing their lives growing in God. Especially now with the adoption. I myself was adopted so I love watching the blessings God is giving them!

  9. 1. My name is JoAnna Hale.

    2. I started reading Tracie’s blog.. jumped over from another ihoper blog and stayed. We met in person in the (makeshift) prayer room once, and found out that a very wonderful friend of mine happens to be John’s cousin! (Incidentally, for about six months, my daughter would point to Tracie’s blog picture and say MOM! – I have short hair and blue eyes… that’s about it for the resemblence though!)

    3. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    4. Love the family, love love LOVE all things adoption!! While God has yet to release me personally to adopt, I want to be as involved (mostly through prayer) as possible in the rescue of all orphans.

    Thank you for letting us all be a (very small) part! 🙂

  10. 1. Marcie Adams – zany wife and mother of 3

    2. Initially, think I blogged hopped from one IHOP person to yours. I did then meet Tracie at an adoption auction and have subbed on a team with John a few times….oh, by the by…JOHN, when are you going to start writing on your blog again…some of the stuff you write is about enough to make me pee my the one about the guitar, amp and Rod Parsley…so very funny).

    3. Originally Oregon, but now we are all about the Show Me State.

    4. We adopted our middle precious pie in April 2006. It happened FAST and unexpectedly. Our hearts our very much invested in Adoption and family. I also just like the warm and real way you represent.

    thanks for letting us be a part…we are reading and praying!~

  11. Did I just write BLOGGED HOPPED….egads!! My English Teacher Mrs Frisch would be deeply disturbed.

  12. 1. Iemkje Postma, social worker, I work with inner city kids & teenagers (all muslims) in the Netherlands
    2. During FITN I jumped over from another IHOP blogger to yours and stayed.
    3. I live in the Netherlands
    4. I follow this blog, first because I was surprised and encouraged how you live your life as a family and concluded you must be a very cool family and I was like (Im 26 years now) mennnn if I ever have a family, I want to be a family like you guys are, you are one of my examples…then secondly I want to learn more about adoption, and I want my heart be moved like God’s heart is moved by it

    God bless you!

  13. I am Kristi Cooper

    I live in Kansas City,MO

    I know the Loux’s through IHOP and Tracie was our adoption consultant for Shiloh, our now four month old daughter. (Huge hug for that one!)

    I can’t imagine not following this blog. It is exciting to see what the Lord is doing and how four little boys from hardship, and pain are about to become cousins and life long companions in homes where Jesus is exalted and where love is and immersion. I follow because we are all family and when one triumphs we all rejoice. This Loux clan (and I mean clan) is a small representation of what God’s heart looks like and I want to be a part of that! (long I know.:-)

  14. 1. I am Tiffany White, Christian, wife of 16 years, mother to 4 blessings (3 biological, 1 adopted), stay-at-home / homeschool mom, pro-life advocate, pro-adoption advocate, homeschool mentor, very conservative American, etc.

    2. I am blessed to know Tracie through Christian Adoption Consultants. She was a ray of light during a very dark time in my life (losing 2 babies within 3 months). I know that there are no accidents with God & that He sent her to guide me through the adoption process with grace, patience, compassion, and love. I am forever grateful that she gently encouraged me & “put up with” all my questions & anxieties. I appreciate her more than words can say. I liked Tracie from the moment we first “met”. She’s faithfully & caringly walked with me through a lot of ups & downs this year – – I consider her a treasured friend.

    3. We live in the beautiful state of Kentucky

    4. I am priviledged to follow this blog to support Tracie & her family in the adoption of little Aiden. I hope to be an encouragement to Tracie & to pray for her along this adoption journey. It’s exciting to see how God is using them. I truly believe adoption is glorifying to God & that He is pleased when these little ones find their forever homes in loving families like this one. God bless you, Loux family!

  15. Hi John and Tracie
    This is Linda White – I just started helping you out
    a couple of days a week through OJC – But had seen you in the prayer room and worked with you in CEC. I love the blog- Beautiful pictures and great stories of a family

  16. Hi, I know you from Reece’s Rainbow. I follow you because I am a Christian and was curious about your in-laws life at IHOP. I found your blog through theirs. I live in California. I keep coming back to see your pictures and read. I love the way you write. We are a large homeschooling family with one adopted child so far. Her name is Katya. She was also from Reece’s Rainbow but we were home with her before we knew that. She is our first child with Down Syndrome. I am glad you are adopting Aiden and that your in-laws will be so close to you in this journey. That is one thing I wish we had, others to share the journey with locally. But we don’t so I share it with people like you on the net. thank you for sharing.


  17. I am Sarah Johns. I am married with 5 kids (I gave birth to 3 but one is in heaven & 3 stepchildren), we aso have 3 grandbabies! I met Tracie & John when Taylor was a baby, a year or so before Isabelle was born, at church in Mansfield, PA. John was on the worship team with Dave Fitz and I had never experienced true worship in that way before! I still can’t hear “Mary did you know?” without comparing to hearing John sing it with such heart and passion. They were among a precious group of people who watched me be birthed in the spirit & grow in the Lord. They have been used as instruments of healing, love & support throughout the years as have her parents. They have been a resource when my kids have had needs as well and they needed more than their mamma. It’s been my pleasure to return some of that as I have watched & prayed through their journey to adopt Elia and now little Aiden. I rarely miss a day of checking to see what the Lord is doing in their lives! It has added precious joy & tears to my lives to watch the Lord use them to rescue Elia & Aiden! I love you guys and know their would be such a void in my life had we never met! XO

  18. 1. I am Caroline Fairchild, married to Scott, mother of Luke, Friend of the Bridegroom(haha…sorry, it just sounded right)

    2. I know Tracie through several different venues. Our mutual friends at IHOP… I believe my husband and I just missed the Loux emmigration to IHOP as we left in May of 2005 after being their for 2 years. Tracie was also our most helpful and loving adoption consultant and helped us adopt our first son, Luke! I don’t cry in front of many people and Tracie was kind enough to love me through several hysterical phone calls:)And we met John and family at the House of Prayer here in Cincinnati and at the Henry’s in KC.

    3. My husband and I currently live in Cincinnati. Although he is from California and I am from New Jersey.

    4. We follow the Loux’s story because we love all things adoption!:) I was adopted, we adopted my son, and we support and love many who adopt. Tracie was so helpful and I could not have imagined doing our adoption without her. We also love keeping in contact with our IHOP connections because we miss living there and love staying connected! Plus her kids are really cute;)

  19. I am Jamie Gilman, Wife to Joe, Mother to Levi (2)and Tirzah (6mo).

    We don’t know them personally, however came across this blog from other blogs reading about the adoption journies. Hope to meet soon to discuss questions about adoption and the process. We have been following the blog for awhile and was able to help sow into the adoption of Aiden, as well as other families adopting through this blog and links. Praise God for blogs that we can be encouraged and impacted, and sow into the spirit of adoption through the testimonies of Tracie and others. Our desire is to be prepared soon to adopt that we would be ready when the opportunity comes our way.

    We live in Kansas City, and are apart of the FCF Family and support fellow IHOP friends.

  20. 1. Shelley Paulson

    2. I met the Louxes through the Bohlender’s. I’m double blessed!

    3. The arctic north, where 5 below “isn’t that cold” (aka Minnesota)

    4. Because I love the Louxes!

  21. You guys are awesome! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we feel incredibly blessed to know you all one way or the other!

    Keep ’em coming! Don’t quit now…. for my sake, don’t quit now!

    I know there are at least 60-80 more of you. I’ve lost track of how many names I’ve added. And I’m too tired to scroll through and count you all!

  22. 1. Ronni Hall

    2. through Ihop and Randy B.

    3. Dayton, OH

    4. I am a former Ihopper and I’m an intercessor. I started a few years ago following other Ihoppers… as I’m not staff at an Ihop anymore and found that many of them have the same heart as me for adoption. I had uterine cancer 9 years ago and because of that can’t have children. It’s ruined us financially and left us at times thinking we could never have a family, but we cling to hope that someday maybe God would see fit to allow us to be parents. Right now, I just love to watch other people do what we only dream of and support them any way I can.

  23. 1. Kacie Damme, wife of Darin Damme

    2. our knowledge of you is probably more internet-based than anything else, though we see you all from time-to-time from far away around the base or on the webstream (my husband thinks John is brilliant… oh, musicians…).

    3. we live across the street from IHOP-KC and have been in KC three years now (7 mo. married)

    4. I keep up with this blog because it is real and it is moving and it magnifies the Lord in every way. We are all lonely by condition, but the Lord in his mercy sets the lonely in families; witnessing what a wonder that is in your great big hearts and growing family has been entirely motivating and heart-rending. Children who are utterly alone are finding family with you; praise the Lord! My family has committed to partnering with yours in prayer because we know that you are genuinely living for another age, tapping into the Lord’s heart for his people while we are still in the midst of this one, and continuing to say “yes” when the stakes are high (though the rewards always seem so much higher). We are honored by the privilege of keeping up with you all and so excited to see what God is going to bring your way (especially soon–we are thrilled for the gift of Aiden in your family! He is a special young man!).

  24. Meghan Smith

    I love the Loux’s and learned to love them because of Jen and Aaron (of justeastofwest fame)

    Mostly I live in the moment. Right now that puts me in Chatham, IL. Normally it finds me in Seattle, WA.

    I follow the blog for two reason 1) I love the Louxs) and 2) I have a SERIOUS heart for adoption.

    Praying for you guys! Can’t wait to meet the little one(s)!

  25. 1. Debi Banderman – wife to Steven, and mother to Brennan and Nate.

    2. I first ‘met’ Tracie through her blog. We moved to KC in the summer of 2007 and she’s the first IHOPer that I met. 🙂

    3. We live in Lenexa.

    4. I follow this blog because a)we’ve slowly gotten to know your family and love seeing what God is doing and b)as we enter this new area of foster/adoption and are excited, yet scared – it is such a blessing to have other ‘forerunners’ going before us in this whole area and seeing God’s amazing love and faithfulness. As He is faithful to you in each area, and as you willingly abandon yourself into His capable hands — our hearts are strengthened and encouraged in our own journey to dive deeper into the heart of our Father! It challenges us to hold nothing back in offering our very lives to Him for that which is important to His heart! Thanks for your vulnerability and sharing. ♥

  26. 1. Megan Mickey – Sister -in-law to Tracie and John, Auntie to Nick, Tay, Isabelle, Elia, Aiden and … – Wife to Joe (Tracie’s little brother) – Mommy to Silas who has been held up in prayer by so many of you – Thanks a million!

    2. I met Tracie when Joe and Dad were putting in a garden or fence at your house across from Walmart (I think that was the first meeting)

    3. I live in Morris, PA

    4. I follow this blog because I’m bad at phone calls bad at long distance relationships, but I REALLY love my sis and bro and neices and nephews. This allows me to pray and be involved while they’re away. I’m just so proud of the example you Loux’s are setting for us all. You’re working together as a body to glorify God as you submit to His calling!! What a great glimpse of what the church could be. WOW!! I love you all and miss you lots.

  27. 1. Melissa Lorenz

    2. Only through this blog, I think I found it through RR

    3. Fredericksburg, VA

    4. Because I am so excited about the Spirit of Adoption that I see sweeping through IHOP and hope that it will do the same through my church and the Prayer Furnace that the Bradshaw’s recently birthed. Because I love adoption and plan to adopt in the future (hopefully near). Because God gave me a dream of a little girl with DS and know she is coming to join our family someday (again, hopefully soon)

  28. 1. Angela Boblitt

    2. I only know you through “blog world.” I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago after surfing the IHOP website – a click here, a click there and here I am.

    3. I live in Springfield, OH where I serve at a United Methodist Church. However I grew up in Minnesota. I went to college in Winona, MN where I became friends with Sam Gallegos. Sam introduced me to IHOP – here begins the series of clicks described in #2.

    4. The Lord has used your blog to ignite a new passion (and education) in adoption for myself and family. I love seeing/reading how your children love the Lord and how you live out your faith and include them in the journey. This blog is a blessing to me!!

  29. 1. I’m Kelly Hinton, student at the Forerunner Music Academy.

    2. I know the Loux’s through IHOP, mainly through Derek and Renee. I met John on an FMA ministry trip and I haven’t “officially” met Tracie yet, though I see them around the missions base. I work in the Children’s Equipping Center and am joining part-time staff at the OJC.

    3. Kansas City.

    4. I found the Loux’s blog through another IHOP blog and have been following it ever since. :o)

    I follow this blog because I have a heart for adoption and will adopt in the future! I’ve worked with kids for years as a teacher and the Lord really moved my heart for adoption in an increased way after moving to Kansas City. I love working with kids and want to see them restored, healed, and adopted into permanent families. I know that God has placed a calling over my life and want to be a mom someday. I especially want to support and pray for those who are adopting!

  30. 1. Jacquie

    2. Got to know about you by reading your blog, which I think I found from reading Randy Bohlender’s blog. Then my husband and I and our son came to visit IHOP and we had a photo shoot with your son Nick at your house for one of your adoption fundraisers!

    3. We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    4. I follow your blog because I love reading about the lives of moms who are in love with Jesus, who love prayer, who love their kids and are raising them up to be forerunners. As a result of reading your blog & the Bohlenders’ blogs, the Lord is also birthing a heart for adoption and I am super excited about hearing more about Aiden and Loux Baby #6!!

    Many blessings & prayers!

  31. Somehow I missed this one… 🙂

    Let’s see…
    1. I’m Meredith 🙂
    2. I know you from somewhere over the rainbow (Reece’s that is)
    3. I live in Central Florida so come visit me when you bring your new little ones to Disney 🙂
    4. I follow because I love you guys and can’t wait to see your kiddos home 🙂

    Neat post!

  32. So much for the lurker… heh

    1. I’m mariana

    2. I probably did a search on ihop and skipped from one blog to another and found you!

    3. Tampico, Mexico!!

    4. Because every time I read and see how a human’s heart can be so transformed by the Spirit of adoption I can see the heart of my own Father in Heaven that loves and desires me… and because I can see how He moves in the hearts of other people, whom I may not know know you — but it’s still a blessing being able to read how you encounter God through this journey!

    thank you for sharing with us!

  33. Hi Tracie and family!

    1.I’m Heather Morrow

    2. Tracie is my cousin! She is my closest cousin in age and we always had fun vacationing together in Michigan growing up!

    3. Seattle, Washington

    4. I love your blog because we haven’t seen each other in years and I feel like I get to know what’s going on in your life! I also love the faith story that your experience with adoption has been.

    Can’t wait to read about Aiden plus one coming home! You are in my prayers.

  34. 1. Lisa Shay

    2. Related. I’ll keep it brief, kay? My sister, Lynn, is married to Bob. Bob is Mimi’s brother. Mimi is John Robert’s Momma. I love Tracie! (How’s that?)

    3. Wake Forest, NC

    4. I’m a birthmom. I love the work that you, Tracie, and your family are doing for the orphaned. It’s such a blessing to my soul to know that there are others who would adopt children. For if there were none, my daughter would not have had a wonderful home to be loved and nurtured in. To God be the glory!

    I’m praying!!

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