11 Days and Counting

We leave in 11 days! ELEVEN DAYS!  I’m feeling the need to just pack my bag, zip it closed and call it FINISHED.

Knowing that Aiden’s Nana got to hold him, blow bubbles for him and play with him today is almost more than my heart can take.  Knowing that when Derek and Renee got there for the BIG FAREWELL PARTY, that Aiden was the first one to spot them and ran to them, makes me want to bawl my eyes out.

Knowing that one day soon, I’ll be on the train from Novograd to Kiev  with my sweet boy asleep in my arms like Derek and Renee are tonight with their boys, makes me ready to push through all my exhaustion and all my fears and just DO IT!

Aiden’s chicken pox are all cleared up, Renee reports. All that is left are a few stray pox and the remains of a green medicated marker that they use there to dry up the pox or keep them from itching or something like that. Once again, Renee told me that our boy is such a sweetie, a real little cuddle bug, and just loves to be LOVED!

We’re coming Aiden, we’re coming, honey, with more LOVE than you could ever imagine!


4 thoughts on “11 Days and Counting

  1. Yea….We are so excited. I am just so disapointed that I will miss meeting him until later. But, we are so looking forward to spending time with your kiddos and sending you off. Justin is counting down the days. Each morning he updates me.

    See ya soon, your sis

  2. I love you guys! You are very special. Aiden is a very fortunate young boy to get you for a mother, and John for a daddy, and Nick, Taylor, Isabelle, and Elia for brothers and sisters.

    We can’t wait to be united with him. Let’s work on a plan to make that happen. Nana is surely a blessed grandparent to have already met Aiden.

    Love, Dad and Mom

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