Chicken Pox

Well the news of the day from Derek who is at the orphanage, is that the orphanage has had an outbreak of Chicken Pox and/or Measles. So you can pray for our little guy who is apparently COVERED in pox.  Derek said he was running around playing though, so he can’t be too sick!

Also keep Derek and Renee in prayer. Renee, Derek’s mom, and a friend flew out today to help Derek bring the boys home. Derek has been there working out the paperwork details so the boys are ready to come home. They all fly home on Saturday.

Derek and Renee have been given an incredible opportunity to take a worship team in on Wed at 2PM (6AM our time) for their good bye party at the orphanage. They have had so much favor with the orphanage director and he is allowing them to bring a team in and worship and pray over the children. If you’re up bright and early on Wednesday morning, you can join us in prayer as they minister to the children at the orphanage.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Pox

  1. I know you want to be there to take care of him while he is covered with itchy spots, but what a blessing to have Derek there to comfort you as you wait to travel! SOOO close!

  2. I can’t wait to see them all together as a fam when they get back! Are you getting nervous? You are SO covered in prayer and so is your boy 🙂

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