We Leave in SIXTEEN DAYS!!!!

Yesterday we booked our tickets. The prices has dropped a little and we saved about $50.00.

I sat down Wednesday with two dear friends who helped me organize my brain, made lists, and then proceeded to take some of those things off my list and do them for me. I love my friends.

My suitcase is almost full and I haven’t packed any clothes yet. Need to re-evaluate.

I simplified our home schooling routine, changed some text books, and things are MUCH BETTER.

Derek saw Aiden again this week. That makes my heart glad.

Derek and Renee will be home next Saturday with their three boys! Pray for them this week.

Today my goal is to get my binder for my sister and John’s mom in order with all the important information for them to have while we are out of the country.

Keep praying for the remaining funds to come in please!


3 thoughts on “We Leave in SIXTEEN DAYS!!!!

  1. I have yet to organize my brain…or our stuff…haven’t made our lists for my mom… What am I doing!!?? We leave in only 28 days!!!

  2. Hi Tracie,
    I am so excited for you!!:) Thank you for updating about Derek and Renee. I have been praying for them also.

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