Those words have never looked more beautiful to me than they do today! The adoption of our beautiful Elia Jane is FINALLY FINAL! After a year of court issues, not anything regarding parental rights, but just with a cranky judge here in Missouri and an indicted judge in Elia’s birth state, though none of that matters now, our little darlin’ is ours now and forever!



11 thoughts on “ELIA JANE LOUX

  1. I remember sitting down on the couch, reading every word of our finalization papers. When I got to the part about her name being changed to Cooper, I just lost it. I have never felt such a deep pain and joy in my heart before. I cannot explain it more than that. I am so very happy for you all. Your family is amazing!
    Kristi Cooper

  2. It goes beyond words to know that what we all knew has finally been legalized! Our God is an awesome God!!!

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