onething ’08 WATCH LIVE

The annual onething conference started yesterday here in Kansas City, where thousands gather to worship the Lord and seek His face. You can be part of it by going to www.ihop.org and registering for the FREE webcast!

I’ll be nicely tucked away in a little corner of the event helping to serve the hundreds of children who come with their families to this conference. At last count I think we were nearing 400 children registered for the conference. They come eager to worship and hungry for more of Jesus! I love it. Isabelle is going with me this morning. She is part of the Healing Teams at IHOP and will be joining her team to pray for the sick this morning. John’s off to the Prayer Room again for a set this morning. The whole prayer room moves down to the convention center for this conference.

So get online and register. Join us via webcast! It’s FREE!


2 thoughts on “onething ’08 WATCH LIVE

  1. I was helping direct traffic/praying at the healing teams both days and I saw your sweet girl loving well the ones the Lord brought to her.

    Bless you all as you prepare for travels, etc. May the Lord expedite the process while you’re overseas.

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