Adoption · Aiden's Adoption

Life Before Aiden

Before Aiden:
1. I didn’t have an addiction to buying cute sweaters off every sale rack I walk by.
2. I didn’t have an ache in my heart when I lie in bed at night wishing he was in the next room tucked sweetly in bed.
3. I didn’t know my heart could carry love so deeply.
4. I didn’t wonder how on earth my heart will handle it the first time his chubby fingers touch my face.
5. I didn’t feel each night at dinner, each family story time, each cuddle in bed with the kids, each trip to the store… that someone is missing.
6. I didn’t have a clue how much the Father loved me until I began to love Aiden. He has taken my weak human love for this precious boy and has instructed my heart tenderly into the knowledge of His great love for me.


3 thoughts on “Life Before Aiden

  1. So well said. Somethings missing… that’s how we felt at Christmas this year. It’s amazing how much I love those two boys I’ve never met. Like you said, I didn’t know I was capable of that kind of love.

    God is good.

  2. All these thoughts are so true, especially number 6. His love for us his “adopted” children is boundless! I too have learned that powerful lesson in the adoption of our sons! God Bless you today, Tracie~

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