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24/7 Prayer Meets Christmas with the Loux’s

24/7 prayer means exactly that 24 hours of prayer/ 7 days a week. Sorry to spell it out for you. We are part of the International House of Prayer here in Kansas City. John serves in the prayer room on one of the many worship teams. We pray, and Christmas day is no exception.

This Christmas Day, John is scheduled for 2 sets (2 hrs each) in the Prayer Room. It’s what who we are, it’s what we do. So we’ll have our Christmas morning time early (it’s usually pretty early anyway!!!) and head to the prayer room as a family for John’s 10-12 set. We’ll come home for lunch, I’ll do some baking/cooking for Christmas dinner while the kids “play,” and John will head back to the Prayer Room for the 2-4PM set. After that we’ll head over to Derek and Renee’s for a Welcome Home/Christmas Dinner with them.

There’s no Christmas bonus, no holiday pay, just the realization that we are part of something that has eternal value. After my initial panic when I realized how atypical our Christmas Day might look, I am now grateful that our day involves time in the Prayer Room. Christmas is after all the celebration of Christ’s birth, so what better place to spend a portion of our day than the place of Prayer.

You’re Welcome to join us!


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