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The State of My Heart

I’m going to try to explain the unexplainable. I am in love. Completely, utterly undone. In Love. There are days I am certain that my heart cannot bear it. There is a beautiful little boy named Aiden Joseph who has won my heart. With the first glance into his precious eyes, he became my son.

For months now, I have been on a journey pursuing this one that I love. Doing everything in my power to get to him, to hold him face to face, and declare my love and devotion to him.

He of course knows none of this. He does not know that there is a momma and a poppa miles away who think of him constantly, pray for him continually, and long for the day when he will be in our arms.

Tonight as I write, I am not sure how much more love my heart can contain. I look at his face over and over again. Like a true looney toon, I talk to his picture, tell him I’m coming, and tell him I’ll be his mommy forever. I’m even crazy enough to tell him that I’m bringing Burt’s Bee’s lip balm and lotion for his chapped lips and dry skin. I know I’m a total nut case. Totally and completely in love with a boy named Aiden.



2 thoughts on “The State of My Heart

  1. Well said… that’s the way we are. Pretty much lunatics because of our love for Matthew and another child. BTW…we heard from K tonight that there is a GOOD PROBABILITY we’ll be able to adopt Misha! Isn’t that GREAT!!!!???

  2. I feel this in some ways. We say hi to Aidens picture on the fridge. We tell him to come home. I have spoken to him in prayer at times, and have asked God to open his ears to the voice of his parents.

    Judah had pants just like thse. Seeing that picture brought me back so much. Im intruiged by this kid, and want to meet him. He looks like he might need some tickle torture and wrestling.

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