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The Goodness of God

When we started our first adoption (Elia), we went in with nothing and asked the Lord to provide it all. He did. We had to learn the hard lesson of trusting and waiting on Him. The Father came through and provide for all of our needs so faithfully.

When we said yes to Aiden, we had nothing once again. Not a penny! We just said YES! This time, in spite of the fact that we needed close to $25,000, we just trusted Him. We have heard over and over again from the Lord that if we will continue to say YES to this thing called ADOPTION that is at the very center of His heart, that HE would provide, that it was HIS BILL, and that He would take care of it.

He chose us for Aiden. With our empty savings account, He chose us. And then He allowed us the awesome privilege of inviting all of you to share in this journey by giving to our adoption. Then we got the word out about a precious life in need of being rescued.

Here’s what has happened since August 28th:
1. With our first blog post, $5000 came in, allowing us to get our home study completed, pay for processing all of the paperwork and all the other legwork that needed to be done to get our dossier to Ukraine.
2. I sent out an email blast to family and friends and checks began to come in.
3. Nick came up with a brilliant idea to offer his photography talent to raise money for his brothers adoption. He started offering photos sessions for local families, and posted his photos on our ART FOR ADOPTION site. I still have to sit down and total up Nick’s account, but I’m fairly certain he has raised close to if not more than $2000.
4. We printed out little post cards and handed them out to people at our children’s school, their former school in PA, and around the missions base here at IHOP.
5. We sent out a newsletter to about 100 families.
6. We were given the opportunity for a $5000 matching gift that if matched completely would amount to $10,000.
7. A few days ago I sent in a deposit to Tekoa 211 (the matching grant fund) with checks totally over $14,000!!!!!!! The original $5000 was matched with over $9,000 so far!!
8. As of yesterday checks continue to come in, GOD IS SO FAITHFUL.

I honestly need to sit down and calculate our total at this point. It’s coming in so fast and furious! I laugh with joy every time a check comes in and I think the Father must be having a blast lavishing His love upon our family and upon Aiden’s life!!!

We have other needs obviously. Extreme weather outerwear for John and I, luggage and other things for our trip, clothing for Aiden, a few practical things to prepare his bedroom/play area, and we would like to be able to give to the orphanage when we arrive, by purchasing something that would be helpful. We’re still not sure what this will be, but we want to do something big for the orphanage.

In addition, you can be praying for a bigger vehicle for us. My mommy van, is not going to be the best fit for 2 toddlers and 3 big kids!

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR YOUR GIVING! You have all played an incredible part in our journey through your prayers and your giving!

Love and Blessings to all!
John and Tracie Loux
Nick, Taylor, Isabelle, Elia, and Aiden

Isabelle says Hi because she’s watching word count and wants me to hit 600 words!


7 thoughts on “The Goodness of God

  1. Amazing how he has blessed your funds. Very encouraging as we wait on the rest of our need in our adoption. We too need a bigger vehicle, as now we will be short one seat. God will have to provide, as we have given…everything.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. I loved reading about how God has provided! He is so faithful! We are right there with you on the bigger car deal!

  3. What a wonderful testimony! God has truly provided in BIG WAYS! Thank you so much for writing this. As I am struggling with adoption costs and struggling with fully believing in God (as the needs build up and the time they are needed is NOW), this post is true encouragement for us.


  4. I have such a similar testimony as God provided every dollar and dime for our adoption. We’d taken out a loan expecting to pay for 3 years on it and 2 months after arriving home from Ukraine I wrote the check to pay it off. God provided when we stepped out knowing that there was no way *we* could do it. The harder part (for me) is knowing that even though He provided and we’re home now, *I* still can’t do it and HAVE TO rely on him wholly still to make it through the days! God is good, and I think it’s amazing that your little guy keeps visiting Derek and Renee, what a blessing, and yet probably even harder to wait.

    I was in your shoes this same time last year, waiting and praying, and on Dec. 26th we received our appointment date of Jan 21. I hope your timing is similar so that you can go see Aiden yourselves 🙂

    Oh, and I hear you on the vehicle- hence our ‘new’ (to us) E-350 12 passenger van… 4 carseats and hopefully more in the future… plus a triple stroller and a wheelchair (back row is out so it has just 8 seats with all of that). It works for us!


  5. Wow!! It is always amazing to me the provision. Not that I think that God isn’t big enough, but that I am still surprised. I love that Aiden cannot stay out of Derek and Renea’s room. They better check their bags well before they go. They may find a little traveler seeking his momma and poppa.:-)

    Kristi Cooper

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