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Early Morning with My Boy

I get email from Derek and Renee in the mornings from their night before. Today I was greeted by this amazing photo. Yesterday when I talked to Derek and Renee on Skype, Aiden had come in yet again. This time he spotted Derek and ran across the room and jumped up into his arms. Renee said he just buried his face in the crook of Derek’s neck.


We’re coming soon little buddy!


10 thoughts on “Early Morning with My Boy

  1. Great pictures! Aiden is so adorable! I love him pointing in the last picture … almost like he is point straight through the camera at you.

    I know you can’t wait to hold him (and I can’t wait to see those photos) but isn’t this the next best thing … not just seeing someone else holding your baby but seeing your family holding your baby. Wonderful!

    Amanda (RR)

  2. That tow-headed wonder boy knows his family! God must of told him! Thanks for helping to straighten out my logon issues! I love to watch your journey, it is an incredible pleasure to watch it unfold!!
    XO Sarah

  3. What a precious blessing! He is already bonding with the extended family 🙂 What an extra blessing that his friends will be in the same family! God is soooo good! Can’t wait to see him in your arms soon! He is so beautiful and such a big boy!!

  4. Oh, my! These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Of all the children in that orphanage, Aiden is the one drawn to his aunt and uncle – amazing! God is so in control!

    Mrs. I.

  5. That is so amazing your family being able to see him! Wow, you are moving right along and will be holding him soon. I am thrilled for you and have been praying and thinking about you!!! Yahoo!!! God is good~ Blessings

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