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Our Boy


This is our Aiden. He has grown so much since the baby picture we were show back in August. We knew then that the photo was quite old, but I wasn’t prepared to see our boy so grown up. He will be three in March after all, but my heart melted at the sight of this handsome, strong little boy.

Derek and Renee (John’s brother and his wife) are in Ukraine now beginning the legal process to bring their three boys home. The other day while visiting their boys in walked the tow headed wonder boy! They asked if it was Artem (his Ukrainian name) and were told yes, as he was wisked away. The following day our Aiden made his way into the visitors room again, and Renee was able to get a photo while the facilitator distracted the nurse!

Words cannot begin to describe the depth of love we have for this sweet boy of ours and the passion in our hearts that is driving us to get him home soon.

Thank you for all of your prayers and your giving. I will give a complete update on our adoption finances very soon. The faithfulness of the Father blows my mind!

Here’s a picture of Aiden from yesterday, right after “hair cut day” at the orphanage. Yesterday after his haircut Aiden wandered in again, and this time no one noticed his little escape, so he visited with Uncle Derek and Auntie Ne’Ne’ for 20 minutes!!! He was in tears when the nurse came to take him away.


The precious little on on the right is my nephew Ethan .


I have so much more on my heart to share, but I wanted to get this posted right away.


10 thoughts on “Our Boy

  1. He is so handsome! It is so great that they were able to get pictures for you. And I just love how he keeps wondering in. 🙂

    Amanda (RR)

  2. Oh my goodness, HE IS SO ADORABLE!!! I can’t wait to give him hugs and kisses!! 😀 I love it that he sneaks into the room with mom and dad!! Thats awesome!

    Love you,
    Telma Lou

  3. Tracie,

    I burst into tears when I saw this! He is such a handsome little guy 🙂 I cant wait till he is home!

  4. Incredible! I am blown away by the whole process! I am in tears again! Between you and D&R, I am just thrilled! And blessed by the goodness of the Lord!

  5. Oh Tracie, he’s so handsome! My eyes are all teary this morning as I read through your recent entries. I love you guys and your little boy so much!

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