1. Please go to http://wordpress.com/signup/

2. Get an account, you do not have to get a blog, at the bottom just be sure to click the button that says “just a user name please”

3. Be sure you sign up with the email address that you have already given me, or that you enter when you leave a comment on my blog.

4. Email me when you have an account so that I can add you to the list.

5. If you can’t get on once the blog goes private, then email me and let me know.


20 thoughts on “SIGN UP NOW!

  1. hey i’m signed up. just take my e-mail and take the user name from that and you have me… miss ya..brenda wilson

  2. I signed up immediately but have not heard from Word Press?? I tried to log in but it says my e-mail is already used. Any ideas?

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