Art for Adoption

Incredible Handmade One of A Kind Journal

Now available as a SILENT AUCTION item on this blog only!! This journal is amazing. It was donated by a friend here at IHOP, Janet Asbury. The proceeds from this auction will go to our adoption fund. The highest bidder wins, so let the fun begin. Rules below!








1. DO NOT post your bid as a comment. Though you may post comment or questions on the journal.

2. Email your bid to me at No starting bid (you all get the ball rolling!)

3. I will post comments keeping everyone updated on the bidding progress. (Your bid will be anonymous).

4. Keep checking back for the high bid amount so that if you are outbid, you can still bid again.

BIDDING WILL CLOSE ON DECEMBER 15th, so that if the bidder is out of town, I can ship it in time for them to use it as a Christmas gift if they choose!

The highest bidder will be notified on December 16th, and payment is expected immediately on the 16th, via paypal or check. Contact me for details.


11 thoughts on “Incredible Handmade One of A Kind Journal

  1. It seems like it might be hard for the person to pay the same day of finding out they won. But maybe you need the payment that day :-/

    Will the current highest bid be updated under these comments?


  2. Good point, Jacob. How about payment “arrangements” should be made immediately, and payment is expected within 3 days?

    The current high bid will be posted under these comments!

  3. Hey everyone…what better way to give this season…my grandfather taught me, if you have it, give it and that is what it is all about!!! Let’s up this bid… Blessings to All!!!

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