Aiden's Adoption · Down Syndrome


Today I saw a young man working at our local Christian book store. He was doing inventory of some sort, unpacking a box, counting items, and what looked like marking them off on a clip board. He was quite handsome with his dark rimmed artsy glasses and spiky hair. He was very focus on his job and didn’t make eye contact with me as I watched him work. As I shameless stared at him, my eyes filled up with tears. I blinked them back quickly as it became my turn to check out.

You wonder why Spencer made me cry, why I was so transfixed by watching him perform a seemingly mundane task? You see, Spencer could be my son someday. Spencer has down syndrome. I felt so proud of Spencer, and I felt so blessed to be shopping in a store that would hire him. I felt hope for Aiden. Hope for the new life that is about to be his, and for all of the possibilities that lie ahead for him as part of God’s destiny for his life.


3 thoughts on “Spencer

  1. I love that Spencer story Tracie.

    There is a young man who works where my kids take ice skating lessons. He is always working, usually humming, never slows…but always has time to say “Hi” and give you a big beautiful smile. Our friend has Downs too…what a beautiful joy filled hard working man. He brings a smile to my face every week.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. Ah what a sweet story. I’m glad I’m going to be around when Aiden grows up. You’re such a good mom…

  3. Tracie,
    I too, get tears in my eyes when I see an adult with Down syndrome out in the community. I have a 22 year old son with Ds who is so proud to tell me what he does at work each day. He has a couple different jobs that he goes to as part of his young adult program. He works at a hardware store and Tractor Supply this semester. I also have a 6 year old with Ds (adopted from Russia) and I am currently adopting a 2 year old little boy with Ds from Siberia. Aiden is going to light up your life in ways you never imagined! I am very excited for you and your family and will conitnue to pray for everything to go smoothly for you during your adoption process.

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