Art for Adoption

Artist and Friend Pam Levenick

Our dear friend Pam Levenick joins the cause “ART FOR ADOPTION”.
She has a store HERE featuring her artwork, and from now til Dec.20th will be donating all of her profits to Aiden’s Adoption Fund! You can buy her artwork as greeting cards or as full sized prints. Check out Pam’s store for more details! Here are two samples of her work. Though some of it is featured in our Etsy store, Pam has many more to choose from in her own store!


This photo features our son Nick holding his sister Elia’s hand.


5 thoughts on “Artist and Friend Pam Levenick

  1. Hi Tracie,

    I am a friend of Pam Levenick’s and I was down at IHOP last fall as part of INTRO to IHOP. I am currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I don’t normally read the blogs of people I don’t know, but I have been following yours for awhile now. I love your family’s heart for adoption. Anyway, I was talking with Pam last night about your Art for Adoption fundraiser and she sent me the link to yours and hers Esty sites. I have posted the links to those as well as each of your blogs on my blog. I hope it helps with your fundraiser. Many blessings, and I hope you bring Aiden home soon!

  2. Hi Lanney,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Thank you so much for posting. I just noted on my Etsy site that we will ship to Canada! Thanks for spreading the word for us.

    Just met a couple from Manitoba that were here visiting IHOP last week, Jacqueline and Joe, do you know them?

  3. What a generous and loving gift that your friend Pam has made. I pray that God blesses her heart and your adoption, He is faithful.

    We are believing Him too, for our last $7,000 that is needed.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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