Art for Adoption

Art for Adoption

Our second fund raising venture is underway! If you’re looking for some great ideas for Christmas gifts or just a tangible reminder that you have partnered with us in Aiden’s adoption, please support our Art for Adoption online sale. “click below”


My guess after estimating printing and shipping costs is that if we can sell 200 prints of the 8×10 photos we’re listing, we can make around $5000!!! That’s my goal. You can help by spreading the word and linking to our blog please!

Please give me feedback to on how the ordering process works. We’ve never used this site before, so let me know if there are any problems.

ONE ANOTHER NOTE: If you are an artisan of any kind and would like to donate an art work or hand crafted item to our sale, please email me a photo of the item and a little information about it. I can post it, take the payment, and ship it for your if your local. If you aren’t local, please consider what it would cost for you to ship it to the purchaser and add shipping cost to the item, and we will the reimburse you.


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