Possible AdoptionTime Line

Here’s a potential time line of what happens next:

1. Tomorrow I take our Dossier to be apostilled, most likely I will have to leave it and pick it up Monday.

2. I scan and email our Dossier to Ukraine for our facilitator to inspect. Just in case there are any errors.

3. I mail our Dossier to Ukraine- hopefully by mid-week next week.

4. Our facilitator submits our Petition to Adopt in Ukraine (take about 2 weeks)

5. Our dossier is translated

6. Our dossier is submitted in Ukraine

7. We get an invitation to travel- possibly by December

8. We travel to Ukraine- possibly by end of January (our first trip to Ukraine will be 2 1/2 weeks long)

9. We come home and wait for approval for Aiden to travel (Visa etc.)- about 2 weeks

10. We go back to Ukraine and bring Aiden HOME (this is only a few days)- potentially returning home in early March. His birthday is March 1st by the way. I would love to have him home to celebrate!

NOW, all that being said, it’s all really really subject to change given that there are so many things at this point that have nothing to do with our speed, but involve waiting on others!

You can be praying for no errors to be found in our paperwork, and for favor with those translating our documents, and that when they are received by the court we get our travel date quickly.


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