The Lavish Love of the Father

God has taught us a lot through our adoption journey with Elia Jane.  He has revealed the deep level of His love for us and has made real to us the mystery that He has adopted each of us as His sons and His daughters. As we all fell in love with Elia before she was born, and made a place for her in our hearts, the Father has shown us that His love for us is so much greater than our weak human love.

He has shown us that it is in His nature to provide for His children. We are His and share in the full inheritance of His Son Jesus because of the spirit of adoption.  We had no doubts that He would provide for Elia’s adoption. We went into it having nothing, and He provided it all. We have the same confidence as we ask Him to provide the ransom for Aiden’s life. That’s the way He is, after all He gave the life of His very own Son so that we could be His.

Several months ago, I started asking the Lord to provide a truck for my husband John, and for some reason I had just faith enough to believe that the Father would want to do this for John.  After a few months of prayer, I had a vivid dream one night, and in that dream John was given a truck. I remember that it was beautiful, and I clearly remember the leather seats and the huge interior.  About a month later after a series of events, John was given this beautiful truck. This is not a vehicle we could have ever afforded on our own right now, and it was GIVEN to us.  The couple who gave it to us had some very specific things to share with us about the Lord’s pleasure in us for choosing to adopt Elia, and said that this was His gift to us for our obedience.

So, yes, it’s a truck, and yes it’s beautiful, but it is also a symbol to us that the Father is looking over us and cares about our needs. It is a reflection of His extravagant devotion to us. We didn’t “need” such a lavish gift, but He according to His good pleasure chose to give it to us.


Elia knows the sound of Daddy’s truck and runs out to greet him whenever she can.

She is worth it all!

Oh, and did I mention she adores this truck! She loves to take it for a spin!

Oh, how blessed we are!

(I’ll have to post a full shot of the truck sometime, but tonight Nick caught these great shots of Elia greeting Daddy!)


2 thoughts on “The Lavish Love of the Father

  1. How great is that testimony! I love to read on the goodness of the Lord! It is an encouragement to so many others. Bless your family and may you always see the Lord’s great love for you all.

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