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God, Friendship, and Adoption

I met someone today that I have no doubt was brought into my life for an incredible purpose. You know how you meet someone and you feel that something big is about to happen. This was one of those moments! I can’t even put it into words but I’m grateful that God brought Jen Keller into my life today.

I stumbled upon her blog through another blog I read, one thing let to another, and we began to correspond via email. When I found out she lived only a few hours a way and would be in KC for a medical appointment for her daughter, I quickly arranged for a coffee meeting!

Jenn and her husband Nick have 7 beautiful children, 6 of whom were adopted as drug exposed infants. Jenn is an advocate and public speaker on behalf of drug endangered children. She is currently working on getting a bill passes to protect the unborn from drug exposure in the womb.

This is one phenomenal woman of God! If you have a heart for adoption, and would like to learn more about drug exposure in newborns. Or even if the thought scares you, and you’d like more information and education on the issue, please check out Jenn’s blog and leave a comment with your email address!


3 thoughts on “God, Friendship, and Adoption

  1. Thats how I feel about your family…that God brought us together as friends…I am so thankful. I love you and appreciate you AND hope to be half the mom you are some day…you inspire me so much…thank you for loving the way you do.

  2. Jen,
    I just like having the tabs, it made it feel more like a website, and I felt like I could keep more information easily available for people to view.
    It’s a little more difficult to figure out than blogger… I probably spent 4 or 5 hours switching over. Happily I was able to transfer all my posts over along with the change!

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