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Adoption Update

All of our paperwork has been turned in to our social worker who will hopefully write up our Home Study quickly! YIPPEE!!!!

I now have to correct a bunch of our forms for our Dossier that I found out would be rejected if I don’t make a few edits. At least I found out before submitting them (thanks Derek and Renee!).

As soon as I have our home study in hand, we get can apply for our I600A.

At that point our Dossier will be ready to submit to our facilitator for translation, I think!

There are always unexpected hang ups with adoption. The one I have to hurdle this week, is getting our Pennsylvania marriage licenses apostilled IN PENNSYLVANIA and quickly! Apparently it’s not enough to have them certified in your state of marriage, the apostille has to be done there too. Pray I can figure this one out and get it done speedily- horray for FedEx!

In the mean time we pray for our son and believe for God’s protection and mercy to surround him. Please continue to pray for an additional $20,000 to come in for our remaining adoption expenses! I woke up today in a panic over that today, and had to talk to the Father who knows and cares and has no limitation on the resources available to Him to provide for those He loves.


4 thoughts on “Adoption Update

  1. You are a woman of faith! The just shall live by faith! I am so proud of you, hang in there. I am so glad you are paving the way for me to follow.

  2. I completely ditto what Rachel said. And also add, that our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and I’ll be asking Him to sell some cattle for you guys. I can’t WAIT to meet Aiden. I feel like he and Caden will be really good friends. You know, when Caden is mobile.

  3. It’s like a good ole Pentecostal woman preacher once said (imagine a southern accent here…) “He owns all them hills, the cattle on the hills and the ‘taters in the hills — and He’s gonna take care of YOU!” And like Zoe says, “…it’s coming!”

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