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Friday Night Fun with the Loux’s

Elia, Isabelle, Michaela, and Sophie- Drama Queens for Sure!

Elia, Taylor, Isabelle, and Cousin Sophia- Dress Up Night!!!

Elia Jane- The Beauty Queen

Prom Queen!

LiLi Lou and Uncle Derek (play station night!)

Daddy, you can do it! Beat, Uncle Derek!!!! Come On!!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun with the Loux’s

  1. Hey!! How did the dad’s get out of getting made up?? At our house, Daddy always seems to have the best makeover of all!

  2. ahhhh the daddy’s had given strict “leave us alone” orders! this was their sacred play station night. happens about 2 x a year!

  3. I think Elia should wear her hair like that more often. Especially with the giant bow.

    Also- I remember giving my dad makeovers. We have pics of this one time when my sister and I decided to put those clippy barrette things in his beard. If you look close, you can see tears pouring down his face. My dad was a champ about it.

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