Two Years Ago

It was just about two years ago, that we decided to start the adoption process and get our home study done. It has been a whirl wind ever since, as God took the small YES in our hearts and began to birth a passion for adoption deep within. Today we have a beautiful little one in our home, one on the way, and I have been blessed to take part in helping 8 precious lives find their forever families since January of this year.

Today I am marveling at the faithfulness of God to stir our hearts to beat a little more like His as we turn our hearts to the ones He loves.


2 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. Jesus is so faithful! Look at all He’s done, it’s truly amazing, as you said! Love you!

  2. SOOOOO Fatihful! It was a little less than 5 weeks ago that we left to get our daughter and our lives are changed for the better! I love your families story and how God is re-writing the pages of your heart.
    On a different note, if Shelly comes into town again Steven and I want to do pictures with her. How do we arrange that?

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