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A Solid Investment Opportunity

With the finances of our nation a disaster that I don’t even fully understand, I have a solid investment opportunity for you. Invest in the life of an orphan.

Never have I ever been more convinced that where we have chosen to invest our time and our money is right. I look at Elia’s life and the return on our “investment” blows me away. I think about Aiden and all that God is burning in my heart about his little life, and I know that as we pour finances into seeing him rescued there is not a wiser investment for us to be making right now.

People have asked me whether I think there will be a decline in couples willing to adopt given our nation’s economy. Sadly for some couples, I’m sure the economy will halt their plans. But what I’m praying is that the body of Christ will rise up and see that the reward of investing in orphans is a solid investment opportunity- one with an incredibly high return- immeasurable in fact.

Not only is the reward one I get to live out and experience daily, as I watch a life that was spared blossom before my very eyes, it is eternal. We are storing up treasure in heaven that cannot be destroyed by the winds and waves, and by the shifting sand of this life.

I pray that you would not be overcome with fear as you look at a failing economy, but that you would be provoked to give, even foolishly in the eyes of the world, and see the incredible hand of the Lord bless you in return.

5 thoughts on “A Solid Investment Opportunity

  1. Amen! Paul and I were just talking the other night about how obvious it’s becoming that sowing into the Kingdom is the only solid investment. Praise Him! We can invest in something that has real, eternal dividends! We are so excited about this for us personally and to see others begin to catch the vision of living for what’s real.

  2. Okay,very weird story. With the bailout, adoption etc…Scott and I should be in a really hard place financially. BUT, we were both commenting how well we are doing. Adoption is just about paid off, and we barely have any debt, AND money in the bank. Absolutley defies explanation! Must be God;)

  3. Scott and Caroline, YES!!! That is exactly what I am talking about! I believe you guys have yet to see the measure of provision God is about to pour out upon you for your YES to LIFE!

  4. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?” Matt. 6:21, 25

    After all, it’s not OUR money…it’s HIS. We are to be good stewards of all of our talents.

    Praise be unto you FOREVER FAMILIES!

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