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Happy Birthday John R. Loux: Part 3

If you haven’t tracked with my multiple posts, this is part three, so you’ll want to scroll down and read Part 1 and Part 2 as well, so you don’t miss any of “The History of John R. Loux”

1998 with Baby Isabelle

John and Derek with Isabelle and Sophia- December 1998

John with the kids- Taylor’s 4th birthday (1999)

Summer 2001 (I think)

Summer 2002

March 7, 2007 Our Darling Elia

Daddy and Elia- love at first sight

I love this guy!

Happy Birthday John!!!
From 1989- today, you have been my favorite!
My best friend.
The man who knows me best and loves me well.
Incredible father to our children.
A man after God’s own heart.
And my favorite rock star!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John R. Loux: Part 3

  1. These are great pics! Great memories! We love you P.W. and wish you an awesome celebration today! You’re the best and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

    Thanks for posting these Trac! You’re a great wife and you love very well! P.W. is equally blessed to have you as his :).

  2. Wow. What a cool guy. What an awesome family!

    John- happy birthday! We love knowing you. Your sense of humor cracks me up. I’ll get to work on that sweater vest!!

    Tracie- these posts have made me so, so happy. You’re my hero.

  3. Excuse me while I wipe up my tears!
    You ladies are so kind!

    Blessed am I that I have such a great guy to love!

  4. such a good wife you are, Tracie. You both are truly blessed. may you have many many many more years with your man.

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