Emma’s Incentive Chart

100 pts.– Emma did ALL of her business outside today!
50 pts.– Emma took the stairs without being carried.
50 pts.– Emma still has not jumped or barked!
25 pts.– Emma behaved well during her grooming session (just a basic bath and trim, we did not spring for the pumpkin spa that was offered for extra- HONESTLY, do people do stuff like that?)

225 pts. in one day! Good Girl!

(side note: Elia got a demerit tonight for removing the poo poo from her wedgie diaper and handing it to daddy!)

You do know I’m kidding, right? Not about the poo poo, about the demerit!


2 thoughts on “Emma’s Incentive Chart

  1. Yesturday, Alex & Noah were talking about how they used to go poo-poo in the bath tub…we had quite the laugh about it…oh the memories! đŸ˜‰

  2. That is so funny! Mason used his poo-poo to do art on the wall when he was about one. We thought he was napping but he was painting…. đŸ™‚

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