The Widow

James 1:27 is about caring for the widow and the orphan. I have been challenged even more to consider where I can begin “caring for the widow,” as well as the orphan. My mother in law is caring for her mom who has Alzheimer’s. Every day is an act of unconditional love and sacrifice. She is practicing true religion every moment of the day. Mom, thanks for setting a beautiful example for us all. We know it is not always easy, but we know you will be rich because of it.

(this photo is of Elia being held by her Great Grandmother McNally- Elia was just one month old at the time.)

I read a post this week that has stirred me all week and I encourage you to check out this beautiful photo journal of another example of true religion.


2 thoughts on “The Widow

  1. I’m with you, Tracie! More and more the Lord burdens my heart for the widow! My grandma has alzheimers, and she lives in TX. I think she is the one person I grieve the most with the distance!! She can’t talk on the phone anymore, but oh how I’d love to take our kiddos and visit her!!! We need to ‘adopt’ a widow here and serve her regularly!!! We’ve talked about it, but haven’t been diligent! : ( This post stirred my heart again!

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