Dear HUD, Could You Move Any Faster?

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development owes us $719.39, a refund from our prepaid mortgage insurance from a home we bought in 2001. We refinanced in 2003 and were owed a refund, that they CLAIM they tried to give us. So I find out about this through some internet search group who wants me to pay them $49 to get my money back. I contact HUD directly to get my money because I’m not dumb.

Now they know the date of the mortgage termination, they know the amount of our mortgage, they know how much they owe us, because after all they did TRY to find us to give us our money. BUT I have to get proof that we owned the house they say we owned and that we did indeed refinance when they say we did, and notarize it and mail it with this form they sent me. THEN, they will need 120 to get me my refund!

I shake my head at this. Grateful that we will get our money back, but wishing they could speed it up a bit so we could plop that in our adoption fund.

One thought on “Dear HUD, Could You Move Any Faster?

  1. I love pointless buearacratic wrangling. I love it so. (completely being sarcastic of course)

    I will pray that you get your money’s extra quick!

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