Ok, here’s the scoop. The Bohlender’s need about $15,000 to pay the adoption bill to bring these precious girls home!

I shameless ask you to read James 1:27 and GIVE BIG! It’s true religion folks. These girls are literally unable to be raised by their birth mom. Had the Bohlender’s not said yes, they would have been in the custody of children’s services today.

I need to tell you that this is a family that said yes without a thought to the cost, knowing God would provide. They didn’t give a thought to the social/medical history, or the race (they didn’t even know the race of the girls til this morning), or the fact that it was 2 more mouths to feed. They said YES because they told the Lord they would be the rescuers for any child He put before them that needed a family.

It’s been wild. It’s been hard. This is far from a risk-free adoption folks, but they went obediently with a huge YES in their hearts. Let’s get behind them, and make this adoption bill disappear today! I’m believing for it to happen. So put your $25, your $100, your $5000 on the table and say YES along with them!

Give to their paypal account or email me at tracieloux@gmail.com for information on where to send checks.


One thought on “GIVE BIG AND GIVE NOW

  1. Oh my goodness I am so excited!!!! We are hoping to give you a check in the next couple of days. Did you find out the place? Also I am going to start collecting things for them. Preemie clothes and diapers, and things they will need right away. I posted about the need as well on my blog. This is AMAZING!!!!

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