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What Happened to My Baby?

Time flies when you’re in love. Just look at her! Every day I marvel at the goodness of the Lord. Every day I thank Him for His grace and His mercy in blessing us with this little girl. Every day I stand in awe that He trusted us with this precious life, and I ask Him for strength to love her and raise her well. I feel I am standing before one who will be truly great in the Kingdom of God.


3 thoughts on “What Happened to My Baby?

  1. She looks so grown up with her hair in those little pig tails.

    Seriously. Arranged marriage. My son, your youngest daughter. I’ll pay you all the cows and goats you want as dowry. I’ll steal from the petting zoo to pay if I have to…

  2. Oh my!!! I’m loving the little pig tails! TOO CUTE! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten since the spring!!!!

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