Pray for our friends the Bohlender’s.

They are en route to Florida to adopt twin baby girls who are two days old. Some days you wake up and the Lord has other plans! I’m so honored to call Randy and Kelsey our friends. Please pray that God will surround them, protect them and arm them with strength. And pray for these little girls who were chosen before time began to be part of their family.

Today as we were praying, John had a vision of Kelsey as a WWII fighter pilot with Randy as the “gunner” flying into conflict with determination, lacking any form of self-preservation, willing to pay the price to make the rescue and fight off the enemy. If you know Randy and Kelsey, you know they are forerunners and they are charting the course for many of us as we run with the spirit of adoption burning in our hearts.

and GIVE!!!!

Let’s gather together and really be the CHURCH. Let’s put true religion to practice (James 1:27), and help pay the ransom for these two precious girls just as Jesus paid the ultimate price with His very life adopt us into His family and call us His sons and His daughters. (Eph. 1)

There is a paypal link on their blog or you can email me personally at if you’d like to mail a check.


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