On My Mind

I think about Aiden all the time. I pray that he is protected from harm. I pray that someone in the orphanage will have a special amount of favor when they look at him, and will give him love and affection. I pray that I will continue to wade through the paperwork and that we will be able to bring our son home by Christmas. I’m asking for a miracle really.

I think about my daughter Elia and marvel at the goodness of God in bringing her into our family. I think about how her life could have been “if…” and I am so grateful that she is sweetly sleeping in her bed right now- loved beyond measure and learning that Jesus loves her.

I think about 4,000 babies a day in the United States alone that are not given a chance to live out the destiny God had ordained for their lives.

I think about the couples who have said yes to adoption. I am grateful for the yes in their hearts, and I ask that God would strengthen them on their journey and give them much revelation about His heart in the midst of it all.

Oh and I encourage you to read THIS POST today.


6 thoughts on “On My Mind

  1. i too am thankful for adoptive parents. I praise the Lord for their willingness to say YES.
    Lisa, a very grateful birth mother

  2. I am continually wowed by adoption, and the people who pursue it. Talk about putting yourself ALL out there, all for a child they’ve never met. I love the goodness of God in the stories.

    I am hoping Aiden can play with us at Christmas!!

  3. May the Lord bring Aiden hime by Christmas…NOTHING is impossible for our God! I am praying for your family. Tonya

  4. Oh Tracie…

    Thank you for linking to this post. Heartbreaking and so frustrating to hear what the devil is prowling around doing…the Body really needs to get up in arms and take action. Wake up CHURCH!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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