The Joys of Velcro Diapers

I remember diaper pins and cloth diapers, I tried them for a brief time. I remember sticky tabbed diapers, they were great, but they couldn’t be repositioned or adjusted without tearing apart.

Velcro (or whatever that is they used now) is awesome!

One problem I’m having lately though is that even an 18 month old can loosen up those velcro tabs. She prefers to be naked apparently. I put her down for a nap yesterday in a diaper and t-shirt (who wants to sleep in jeans), and sometime between awake and asleep she apparently decided to sleep naked. John came to get me to show me the little miss- sound asleep with her naked bottom up in the air. We let her sleep!

Gotta run and re-diaper my baby!


6 thoughts on “The Joys of Velcro Diapers

  1. I suggest duct tape. I mean, you’ll need a bowie knife to get the diapers off, which could be annoying…but maybe we could get you a nice holster for it…

  2. For Noah (17 months) we use diaper pins and pin his shirt to his shorts – one in front one in back. He too would prefer to sleep naked. But seriously, the mess!

    Angela B

  3. So funny! We’ve experienced that a couple of times here!!! To the point to where we started putting on diapers backwards for nap/bed time!!! : ) We know people who would duct tape diapers on! : ) But another option is to put onesies on them! ; )

  4. Nudie, eh?

    Glad you got her diapered, before a scrub down, clean-up was required.

    We are looking at a diaper service for our ‘comings’…going to put a cover over them that velcros…then no pins are needed-I detest stabbing babies when you are working so hard to bond.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  5. Yep, Zoe loves to do this too — must be a girl thing. My boys never attempted to take the diaper off. Especially when they were gonna go number 2. In bed. And they NEVER smeared it all over the crib and themselves. Who knew that princesses acted this way??

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