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Politics, Art and Chicken

Today was my day to home school Jackson and Nick. When we found out McCain and Palin would be speaking about 15 minutes from our house we decided to cancel our field trip to the art museum to look at ancient Egyptian relics in order to attend the event.

Doors opened at 8:30AM for a 10:30AM starting time. I dropped Isabelle at school at 8:15 and we (Nick, Taylor, Jackson, Elia, and I) arrived at one of the many parking areas at 8:30. After a 5-10 minute walk to the building where the event was to be held, we continued to walk nearly 10 blocks around the neighborhood following the line to the END. We walked a total of 45 minutes, decided that with the 3,000 only standing room event space, we would not have a chance of getting in. (Our highly uneducated guess was that we passed about 5,000 people in line.) And sadly, Jackson’s attempts at shrinking the line every 5 minutes by announcing, “Hey folks, we heard Sarah Palin didn’t show up today, it’s just McCain,” didn’t work.

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good field trip day, we headed to the museum after all, only to find out the museum was CLOSED on Mondays!

Not to be outdone, we headed to Hobby Lobby for art supplies for the boys current History assignment, a sculptural expression inspired by the the colors, shapes, lines, and style of Egyptian art and architecture. After Hobby Lobby we headed home after stopping for a “snack” at Chick-fil-a thanks to the stack of free kids meal coupons in Jacksons wallet.


2 thoughts on “Politics, Art and Chicken

  1. oh tracie…what a bummer! when bush was running in 2000, my MIL and Joseph (a babe in a bjorn carrier) and i headed to Neshaminy HS to hear him speak. Yes, the line was incredibly long and it was extremely hot that day as well. we pushed our way through and eventually got in. it was awesome!!!! later that month Momma Bush came to our church to stump for Bush. Can you believe it???? Christian Life Center in Bensalem had incredible sound systems and were known to rent out to large musical groups, etc. We sat up front and i even got a couple of pictures of her. then in 2004 my MIL and I and a few others crazies went to an outdoor rally for Bush on a local farm nearby. I will never forget those experiences. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. you were brave to take the wee little girl with you. i give you tons of extra credit for trying. I was just saying to shawn last night, i bet the McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t come our way…we’re not a deciding state. *humpf*

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