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Space Bar Blues

My thumb no longer works. I think from “over use syndrome” due to repetitive space bar usage. I’m trying to utilize my right thumb now for space bar, but it’s hard to re-train my brain.
My thumb literally looks deformed. I have no idea how this has happened to me. Isabelle thinks I need to see the doctor for sure. I bought a wrist/thumb brace but it seems to be making it worse.


Highlights from the weekend:
1. Dinner with Aaron and Jennifer! She is REALLY going to have a baby folks!
2. Picnic with John’s worship team. My children didn’t drown in the pool, but they may have drown in the chocolate fountain.
3. Elia peed on the living room carpet tonight, twice before I could grab her and get a diaper on her.
4. Nick did a photo shoot for our good friend Dave Campbell.
5. And we were given a few incredible gifts today (2 used laptops for the kids and …. ooops can’t tell you the third one til we photograph it and blog it, but it is a BIG BIG DEAL folks!) God is so good.


5 thoughts on “Space Bar Blues

  1. The thumb thing could be carpal tunnel. IT could also be repetitive motion injury. One way or another, if it’s the level of pain that can’t be cut by tylenol and ice, you should probably see a doctor. Sometimes the tendon in your thumb gets overworked, and tightens up reeeeally hard, then, without proper therapy, it stays that way. I wouldn’t use a brace unless the doctor says so, because in my own experience, that can actually make it alot worse.

    We had lots of fun at dinner! We love you guys.

  2. Thank you Dr. James!
    I think the brace thingy made it worse yesterday for sure! I’m going to stick with ice and tylenol today and see how we do. I worked for a PT in Pennsylvania, so I’ll probably give her a call and have her remind me what to do!

  3. Hah. Yeah well with all the PT I had to do when I blew my knees, I think I should have an honorary doctorate by now.

    Mostly I just want your thumbs to work. I’ll be praying for you!

  4. Oooh.I dont know what to say my fingers just freeze in place.I have to move them up and over to un freeze them.

  5. Praying for your thumb…maybe you just pinched a nerve and should avoid lifting things for a few days?

    Praising God with you for your laptops…good stuff!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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