Family Pics

Well we realized that we had lots of pictures of Elia- Elia alone, Elia with me, Elia with John, Elia with her brother and sisters, and not very many of John and I with our older kids. I blame this entirely on two things:
1. Elia is cute.
2. Nick is biased as a photographer and she is his favorite. (just kidding!!!)

So we ventured to Westport to take some shots of the rest of us. Elia only had her picture taken once WITH her siblings the whole time! She survived the lack of attention just fine!

Here are a few shots from the day with Nick as the primary photographer, me if Nick was in the shot, and Taylor if Nick and I were both in the shot!

Haven’t had a shot like this in a while! Can you believe how tall he is? I even wore 4″ heels that day. Yikes!

Double take!

A few of my favorite things!

I love this one!

Sweet stuff in the middle.

Tenderhearted Taylor!

Speaking of tall! (remember I have the 4″ heels on!)


5 thoughts on “Family Pics

  1. LOOOOVE them all! Gosh, why don’t ya’ll come up here and shoot some pics of our family. just kidding. What a beautiful and precious family God has blessed you and John with. Those kids are mucho blessed to have you both as parents too.

  2. ohhhh! nick is so tall! taylor is still as handsome as ever and Isabelle gets moe beautiful all the time…i remember when they were all so little!

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