School Re-cap

We’ve hit the ground running.

Taylor and Isabelle had their fist day at The Daniel Academy yesterday and came home happy! That’s a good thing! Today is their first at home day and they are organizing and reading mostly, with not tons of homework after the first day of school. I cannot believe that Taylor is in 7th grade!! That’s the biggest leap for me this year. Yikes! He’s excited and nervous about the transition, but he is walking the JUNIOR HIGH road with marvelous comrades!

I will be teaching art again at TDA, however this year only 1st-6th grade. I will be teaching 3 classes on Friday afternoons. I’m looking forward to my first day tomorrow!

Nick is into his 2nd home schooling day. He and his friend Jackson on are this journey together and will be having at least one day a week that they work together at our house and one day a week that they work together at Jackson’s house. They are also doing some of their prayer room and Bible study time together which is wonderful! Right now Jackson and Nick are here working on their Movies as Literature course! How fun is that! This book is designed as a writing class that is based on watching, evaluating, and critiquing movies. We’re also very excited about Nick’s history class Exploring World History, which encompasses Biblical studies, history, and English! And we’re praying for grace to endure Chemistry and Algebra II.

Nick’s home schooling schedule is allowing him to be on a worship team in the JPR (Justice Prayer Room) with one of the FMA (Forerunner Music Academy) teams. He’ll spend about 10 hours a week on this which includes 2 sets (2 hours each), team briefings and de-briefings, team rehearsal, and team Bible study.

We’re excited to see all that God has in store for each one of our children this year!

One thought on “School Re-cap

  1. I love how your doing school so ‘out of the box’, so to speak. I mean, I love that you’re listening to God and His desire for each of your children, individually, and where they should be and what they should each be doing! How exciting to see His plan unfold for each of their lives! đŸ™‚

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