School Starts Tomorrow!

WOW! School starts tomorrow. Isabelle enters 5th grade. Taylor starts 7th grade- which I am still in denial over. Nick will be a Junior. Taylor and Isabelle will be in the Daniel Academy again this year, where they will have three full days of academic instruction, a half a day in the prayer room, and a day and a half of at home study time.

Nick will be fully home schooled this year so that I can carve out large chunks of time for him to focus on the arts (music, drawing, photography, film making, etc.) Nick has also be able to join one of the FMA worship teams that plays in the Justice Prayer Room (JPR) twice a week, has a worship team practice, and a prayer room team. He is very excited about this opportunity.

We did our school supply shopping yesterday on a very low budget and managed to get everything we needed. God is so faithful. My books have been ordered and I’m now just praying that they actually arrive today as promised!


One thought on “School Starts Tomorrow!

  1. I love buying on a budget. I had no idea the dollar store sold cake mix (it’s aaron’s bday on friday) so it was a nice suprise!

    Hey I need to come over and see you, tell me when you are free this week!

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