Quick Friday Update

– John and Nick are headed out for Arkansas for a quick ministry trip with Derek. They’ll be back late tonight. I’m glad this one’s not an overnight trip. And very glad Nick gets to go along to play drums this time.

-I just cleaned out Elia’s mouth after she ate cat food.

-Isabelle gets home tomorrow night. Yippeeeee!!! We survived.

-Our friends Amy and Malcolm and their kids will be arriving tomorrow night too.

-Taylor and I (with Elia of course) are charting out our plan for the day. It may involve paint however, we’ll see how it goes!

-Oh, and if you’re in Kansas City, join us Saturday at FSM for the live webcast of THE CALL DC. If you’re out of town, you can catch it LIVE on GodTV


3 thoughts on “Quick Friday Update

  1. 2wys= twice
    tryse= thrice

    Oh, my gosh little girl, you crack me up! You get extra points for creative spelling…

    Can’t wait to hug you!

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