The Call DC

This Saturday is the Call DC, be sure to catch in online at GodTV if you are unable to travel to DC for the solemn assembly.

Yesterday I was at a baby shower for one of the adoptive couples here at IHOP. Their baby is due any day now- a life that was saved because a young woman said YES to LIFE and chose adoption for her child instead of abortion.

And I was thinking, though we long to see Roe v. Wade overturned and we continue to stand believing that it will be as our generation rises up and stands for LIFE, do we realize how many lives have been spared because of our intercession.? We may never know in all honesty how many young women have chosen LIFE as a direct result of prayers offered on their behalf by people who may never meet them. How many women when faced with a pregnancy they were not planning chose LIFE because the Holy Spirit whispered truth into their ear?

I have heard many prayers uttered that go something like this, “Father, would you speak to the heart of young women who are facing a pregnancy that they had not anticipated. Would you speak truth to them about the child inside of them and cause them to choose LIFE! Strengthen them, provide for their needs, and surround them with those who will give them godly counsel.”

I encourage you today to continue to pray, to continue to believe and to gather in your homes, in your churches, or in DC to cry out for righteousness over our nation!

Here are two very beautiful examples of answered prayers:


7 thoughts on “The Call DC

  1. What sweet pictures. I love the LIFE onesie! I wonder if you can buy those? I’d love one for Caden…

  2. Someone here at IHOP made those. I’ve asked her to make Elia one. I’m going to get her contact information and find out if she want to “be in business”

  3. beautiful indeed…life is so precious and my additional prayer is that they would be raised up as an army of God.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  4. I think she just did the design on the computer and used some kind of iron on product at JoAnne’s fabric or something!
    I’m sure you could figure it out!

  5. You have alot of faith in my ability to work my iron…I think I remember how to iron…you plug it in first, right?

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