A Few of Nick’s Recent Drawings!

And proof that our scanner now works! I’ll work on those photos now as promised!
Aren’t these awesome though!
I’m so proud of this kid.


6 thoughts on “A Few of Nick’s Recent Drawings!

  1. They ARE incredibly awesome. Watercolor pencils?

    They make me want to write a short story. P.s. LOVE the red scarf.

  2. Jennifer- yes watercolor pencils, my kids new favorite thing to draw with… wanna come play?
    And yes, you should write a story…

    It’s actually inspired me to pull out some of the children’s book ideas that I fiddled with when the 3 oldest were little and let THEM now illustrate them.

    Mrs I, Thanks!!!

  3. Nicko, my darlin, you blow my mind! The Lord has given you an amazing gift and I’m so proud of you!
    I love you!

    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ đŸ™‚

  4. I am always inpressed with your kids. How and where can I take my daughter to learn to draw? Love it!!!!!!

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