Busy Day

We’re going to begin filming some of our children’s prayer meetings and in order to do that, we needed to give the room a bit of a make-over. That’s what I’ve been working on all week. Today’s another full day, but it’s coming together and looking much better.


6 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. Hi, Tracie!

    Do you mean that they’ll be shown on GOD TV? I know I’d love to experience a children’s prayer meeting.

    Mrs. I. : )

  2. We’re developing a portion of our CEC website called “Foreruner Kids Club” that will be interactive, with video clips, lesson plan downloads, prayer meeting videos, articles for parents and teachers, etc.

    It’s very exciting!

  3. wow, i love that! I was just thinking this week how I wish there were videos of the childrens equipping center! Isnt that funny? I cant wait! When will it be available? Im sooo hungry for more for my kids!!!!

  4. Kim,
    We’re hoping this Fall! I will certainly post when it’s up and ready to go.
    It is very exciting.

    I love you too!

    Think used to be beige and black kind of cave looking, boring room….now is free of all black walls, has two toned beige with a 8 inch reddish stripe around the room and big dots in Red, Navy, and Lime Green. We’ve hung flags all the way around the room and hung curtains. I’m working on getting a scrim for lighting and image projection to go with our prayer themes.


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