Hi Girls!

Isabelle and Sophie- these beautiful girls are only about 2 months apart in age.

One thing they are really good at is being silly! They keep us all laughing.

Here’s the one and only, beautiful Michaela (KK or Cakes to me).

Belle and Sophie with Maggie Sue (Thanks Shelley!)

You’ll have to excuse me while I use my blog to leave love notes to the girls!
I know they’re having a blast.
Let me just tell you though how weird it is not to have Isabelle around!

Bellie Boo,
I love you honey! Have fun. We sure do miss you sweetie.
It’s not the same without you. LiLi stood by your picture tonight saying your name over and over again. I think she misses you too. Even the boys said they missed you today, how weird is that!!! Just teasing.
We love you so much beautiful girl.
Oh, and Nick fed the cats, so don’t worry.

Take good care of Belle for me, don’t let her get too crazy ok?
Make sure she brushes her hair will you? Even if she teases you about how much you brush yours!!!
I love you honey. Have lots of fun!

Love, Auntie Tracie

Please, please, please make sure Belle brushes her teeth!
And don’t give her too many bruises from all your crazy wrestling matches, remember she’s not your daddy! Ha ha ha!!!
I love you bunches. Have tons of fun!

Love, Auntie Tracie

5 thoughts on “Hi Girls!

  1. Mom It’s ok I f tease soph she was brushing her hair In the poo. I will brush my hair As much as I need to.Ilove you so so much Tell lili I miss her got to go.


  2. Hey Auntie Tracie I’ll take care of Belle! Love Ya sooooooooooooooo much!

    Love forever,

  3. Thanks girls! I feel so much better now.
    I’m really glad Soph did not “brush her hair in the poo” though, that would be kind of gross!!

    Love you girls!

  4. whew! just got caught up with all my blogging. guess where I am?? Doylestown at the McNallys! I came up with the boys for vacay. They boys are enjoying being with Aunt Lynn and Uncle Bob. Very soon I will see Mrs. Mac. Can’t wait. It’s been awhile. I’m not expecting her to remember me as I know she hasn’t been doing well. But hey, you never know, right? I’m so glad you’re scanner works. I’ll be patiently waiting for those wedding pics. It’d be fun if we all did a wedding pic post. Hmmm… perhaps i’ll wait until our 10 year anniv in march. you are very brave to let your lil girl go away to visit her grandparents. But she’ll be in good hands with great cousins/friends to love and care for her. Hang in there.

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