My Weekend Goals

I didn’t fall of the face of the earth, I’m just on vacation rebound.

My goals for tomorrow:
1. Fold the mound of laundry that has become a creature the could scare small children in the dark and try to get it all in the appropriate drawers.
2. Run the vacuum and hide all the clutter so that my house has the appearance of clean.
3. Learn how to use my scanner and post some photos that are long over due- maternity photos for Jennifer, wedding pictures for Lisa and everyone else who will get a kick out of them. At 40, I’m way beyond being humiliated by them. (any other requests?)


4 thoughts on “My Weekend Goals

  1. ooo I can’t wait for the maternity pictures…

    Can we have some of John’s awesome hair too?

  2. Your so cute. I still have your key, and want to drop it by sometime soon for you. Also I wanted to see if you wanted to have a girls night out sometime! maybe some coffee or something, and chat!

  3. It’s Sunday at 5:15 PM. I have done none of the above and I there is no hope that any of it will get done.

    April, coffee and a chat, yes!

  4. Oh my word Tracie! I’m at your Aunt Lynn’s and we were looking at old pics. came across some of john, derek and heather! the clothes – out of control! the eighties..ugh.

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